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Re: Thank you very very much

Thanks for your kind words.

Thank you very very much

Dera Developers,

I would like to thank you for developing such incredible piece of software.
For many years I use to use FileZilla FTP client. For a few years I am in the business with programming of industrial robots. I knew for WinSCP in my professional career, even used in one of my projects.

It turns out that the FileZilla got kind of issue and got problem when connected to FANUC FTP server. In the FANUC forum, a gentlemen share that he uses WinSCP – working as charm.
I stated to use WinSCP, without any issues till now. This is really amazing client. I can imagine the level of professionalism you got, the level of understanding the protocols to develop it.

Please once again accept my gratitude for developing shish useful software, which I use practically every day

Sveteozar Yolov