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Okay, I see the domain part is hidden, but I‘m not convinced yet. A part of the Mail address is still revealed to the public which, in my opinion, shouldn‘t be done when there is stated that the Mail address is kept private.

The first part of a Mail Adress often contains the users real name, and it is not clear for the user that this will be made public.

Mr Michel Morold

Re: Community privacy violation suspicion

We are not creating accounts based on that form.
The reports are posted as "guest", with domain part hidden, see for example:
That user created the account himself and chose to use his full email address as account name.

Community privacy violation suspicion

when creating a new topic via the "Automatic bug report" feature of WinSCP, the first input of the Form "Post a bug report" is "Email address" with the notice "We will keep your email address private."

After filling the form, the Email Address actually is the Username and revealed to the public in that forum.

I think this should be fixed asap.