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Re: Refresh FindFiles window after delete

Thanks for your feedback. I'll look into it.

That's something I'd consider to be a bug in my own stuff =)

Possibly alternatives:

Marking differently such with an x, striking, or perhaps making the text red... and then denying deleted file(s) from the rest of the UI there.

Could also just throw up a message to tell the user to click start again.

Refresh FindFiles window after delete

Hi the team,

It's not really a bug but it's an improvement
When I use the Find Files window and after I delete the selection. Then, after the process, all the files are still visible in the window. There is no refresh of the Find Files window. That's really confusing because you are not sure the files have been removed or not.

When I delete a file in the File Explorer, immediately, there is a refresh of the view of the folder and like that I know the files have been removed.
It's not the case with the Find Files tool.

Thanks for correcting that.