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Re: Session has unexpectedly closed

Are you really having five different problems at the same time? Or did you made some progress and only one of the problems is your current one?
In any case, none of your posts contain enough information. We need log files at the very least – Session.SessionLogPath and Session.DebugLogFile.
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Session has unexpectedly closed

Hi Team,

Need guidance for on the below:
File Exception : Message : Session has unexpectedly closed InnerException : Stack Trace : at WinSCP.SessionElementLogReader.Read(LogReadFlags flags) at WinSCP.CustomLogReader.TryWaitForNonEmptyElement(String localName, LogReadFlags flags) at WinSCP.CustomLogReader.WaitForNonEmptyElement(String localName, LogReadFlags flags) at WinSCP.Session.PutFiles(String localPath, String remotePath, Boolean remove, TransferOptions options)