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Re: Run WinSCP in RAD Studio

You have to build and install all .bpl projects.
Though as per the "Readme", WinSCP needs C++ Builder XE6, not 12.

We are currently trying to migrate WinSCP to newer version of C++ Builder, buyt we are facing major issue with the debugger:
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Run WinSCP in RAD Studio

Hello; I am new to this. I just download Embarcadero RAD Studio 12.1.
I installed "Build Tools and Agents for Visual Studio 2022"
I opened the project: \source\WinSCP.groupproj in RAD Studio Architect 12
I am having a few issues:

  • When I open a file in WinSCP.exe\forms an error message pops up:
    Class TTBXDock not found. ....

  • When I try to run the program an error message shows up:
    [DCC Fatal Error] ComboEdit.pas(341): F2613 Unit 'PasTools' not found.

I don't know how to fix these issues. I haven't changed anything in the code yet.
I am using Windows 11.
Thank you