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Query - Upgrading to Microsoft Operating System Windows 11

Hi Team,

This is Deepika from Black & Veatch Application support team.

We are in the process of mitigating any issue that we might run into while upgrading our current Windows 10 OS PCs to Windows 11 OS. Please advise of the following questions for WinSCP.

  • Are you able to supply us with an OS version compatibility matrix against your offered applications against all its versions?
  • If you are unable to provide a link to such a matrix, please advise if you have tested your application with Windows 11 OS and if you support your applications on this version?
  • If you have not tested on Windows 11 OS, can you advise of a time frame in which you plan to complete testing for Windows 11?
  • If you do not plan to test your products on Windows 11 OS, will you still provide support or any additional resources trouble shooting issues we may encounter on this version?
  • Have any of your existing customers migrated to Windows 11 OS? If so, has there been any reported issues?
  • Are apps on Windows 11 OS (client machine) tested to fetch license from License manager servers, what versions of Application/License Manager /Server OS are supported with client Windows 11 OS version, if applicable?

Please refer to the link below that detail’s version release and end dates from Microsoft.
End of support for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 | Microsoft Windows
Your quick response will be much appreciated.