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Re: Disconnect *without* terminating

:) :) :)

Re: Disconnect *without* terminating

Since version 3.2 (just released), you may have multiple connections opened. Also on disconnect you may select another session to connect or to close application.

Disconnect *without* terminating

I'm a brand new noobie to WinSCP.

The reason I need to disconnect *without* terminating is because I manage multiple sites. It seems odd, as far typical Windows software goes, when I work on a bunch of different sites to be forced to re-start WinSCP for each site. Rather than Closing one site and then Opening the next (Disconnect / Connect ?), all within a single activation of WinSCP.

I suppose an even sexier solution would be to have multiple internal (or external, for that matter) windows / instances potentially simultaneously open. Similar, say, to MS Word or many other Windows software.

Or maybe I need to learn / discover some feature / command that already accomplishes this?


Re: Disconnect

No it is not possible. And it is not on the wishlist. Why do you need this?


Is there a way to disconnect without terminating WinSCP ? Or is that a wishlist item ?