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option batch continue

To synchronize a remote Linux directory to a local windows server, use options "confirm off" and "batch continue" to make sure it won't stop on error :

script.winscp :
open user:pass@host

option confirm off
option batch continue

synchronize local c:\backup /var/backups


Then : /script=script.winscp

Extended Scripting/Automatization

I am unable to get a rather simple task done with WinSCP, so I'm posting this under "requests". Basically I just want WinSCP to automatically move all spam mail that I drop to a local folder to a folder on my mailserver, where a script will go over it and refine my spam filter.

When doing this I encounter several problems:
- Some of the mails have weird names. WinSCP will stop and ask if I want to skip certain files, and as it seems, that'll break any automated task, as there seems to be no option to Skip these messages by default.
- I can't move mail. All I can do is synchronize, but obviously I just need the mail once (to update my spam filter) and then get rid of it. Synchronizing would mean that I have unnecessary files on both machines, and that the script on the mail server will have to dig through all of them each and every time.

Let me also grab the opportunity to thank you for WinSCP - it's a great program! :)