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Thomas K

ASCII and Binary

Hi, i have a question.
We ar uploading paymentfiles with IBAN BIC etc. in *html and *txt.

So wi have a mismatch in some files they cant be importet in SAP.

There is an ? in some files.
The upload methode is:
option transfer ascii

What will happend if we script it with:
option transfer binary

will this fix our issue?

Thanks for information.

Re: ASCII differences to Binary in upload method

It is not difference between ascii and binary. The difference is cause whether the transfer is started as resumable or not. Most ascii transfers cannot be resumed, while most binary can. You cannot configure WinSCP to explicitly delete the file before transfer, but you can turn off ascii transfers and configure all binary transfers to be resumable. See documentation.

ASCII differences to Binary in upload method


i got a question about the internal upload technique in WinSCP.
When uploading a ASCII file which is already existing on the server
WinSCP "edits" the file and preserve the Owner and timestamp
on the already existing File on the server.
But when uploading a binary file WinSCP deletes the already existing file
on the Server and creates it again.

The effect on this is that the new owner of the file is in both methods a different
one. In the binary method the owner is scp user (new touched file), in the ascii method
the owner is the old one of the existing file(the scp user has only write privileges
because of group permissions).
Further more it isnt possible in the ascii way that the timestamp can be preserved but
in the binary it is!

Is there a reason why there are two different ways regarding the creation of the file?
Can i configure WinSCP to always delete and recreate the file when its already existing?

best regards,