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+1 to this feature

Very needed feature. We have Copy-Paste but still don't have Cut-Paste.
I suggest implement that feature

  1. As item in the context menu inside the folder we want to paste our cut object
  2. As Ctrl+Shift+V hotkey inside the folder we want to paste our cut object

Re: Cut and Paste

I second that!! I would very much appreciate cut/paste file operations as an alternative to Drag&Drop. Sometimes, getting both windows open at the same time is cumbersome.

martin wrote:

Sorry, I don't know how to do this.

I believe that Clipboard file operations and drag&drop operations have a lot of similarities in Windows. For that matter, the component TDragDrop (that I *think* you are already using) contains a CopyToClipboard and a GetFromClipboard operation. Dunno if that helps?
:idea: If that works, in the "Explorer Mode" you could modify the "Copy" behavior of the right-click context menu to better reflect Explorer. (i.e. to do a "clipboard copy") (then, you could rename "Move" to "Cut" and add a "Paste" operation)

Many thanks for the effort, :D

Cut and Paste

In Windows explorer one can select a file, then right-click Copy,
go to another directory, and right-click Paste the file.
It would be nice to have this in WinSCP