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Re: Problems using WinSCP with C shell in Solaris

C shell is not supported. I can't think of any solution for you now. I'm sorry.

Problems using WinSCP with C shell in Solaris

I'm attempting use WinSCP on a server in which my default shell is the c shell(/bin/csh). I can connect without a problem. When I attempt to copy files I get the error: "Host hasn't answered for 15 seconds....Abort or Retry" Retry doesn't work, just returns with the same message. I then changed the shell on the shell tab from default to /bin/ksh, as I read somewhere else on this site. It didn't work, same results. If I change my default shell on the server to /bin/ksh and set the shell back to default everything works just fine. The only thing is I want to use the C shell and don't want to make my users change. Is there a way?

Thanks for any assistance!!