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Feel free to use my components.


Feel free to use my components.


Re: It's both

OK, thanks. I'll see what I can do about it.

It's both

It's both. GPLed apps can not link to closed source DLLs and vice versa (there is an exception for linking to files that are part of an operating system). The only instance you can link to closed DLLs is if you relicense the code (getting permission from all contributors).

No closed code can be hosted on Source Forge except for smaller runtime DLLs that normally ship with the operating system (Visual C++ runtimes are ok... .NET and Java aren't, for instance).

Re: non-GPL code in WinSCP

Isn't it vice versa?

non-GPL code in WinSCP


I've cheked out HEAD revision form the CVS repository and found this

Restrictions on Using the Unit / Component
This unit/component is copyright 1998 by Dieter Steinwedel. ALL RIGHTS
ARE RESERVED BY DIETER STEINWEDEL. You are allowed to use it freely
subject to the following restrictions:

I think it is not possible link non GPL code with a GPL project. Would you please clarify this?