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copy multiple files

Hi all.
Please tell me coommand to copy multiple files without interaction at FTP...means if i use mput command,i have to put y after transfer of every file..i just want to copy all file sin one go..

I use FTP to transfer files


Re: Open/copy/edit multiple files by script or in GUI

This issue has been added to tracker (#13 and #14).

Re: Open/copy/edit multiple files by script or in GUI

+1 for proposal by Mito and Sijoy, that would be great to have a set of files opened in a external editor at startup.

Great job btw with WinSCP, it's my favourite FTP-editor. The ability to edit files remote and opening them with a custom editor is my main reasons.

Editing Multiple Files at the same time

I have the same request, which Mitco has...Please provide some option in WinSCP GUI to open and edit multiple files in the same time.. Please prioritize this in the next release.

Added to TODO list, but with low priority until more people asks for this.

Will you be able to implement such feature? I think this would be helpful for many, especially for those who need to modify more files at once and don't want to use 'sed' or suchlike programs.

Dekuji, snad to vyjde :)

You cannot edit multiple files automatically. A was reacting to "copy" part of your question.

Thanks, Martin, for your fast answer. However, I have some concerns.

I know there is a "get" command which copies the file from remote to the local. But what I look for is to edit multiple files from a list. Is there any such command which would put the file on the remote to the internal/external editor so that I can edit it directly?

I use external editor which allows to open multiple files (notepad ++) in tabs. If I want to edit the files directly on the remote side, I have to browse the path to each one of them and then open by pressing F4. I can make some modifications in all of them at once and save them back on the remote machine. If it is possible doing this with some script, can you give me just a small hint on the command or just a link, as I haven't found it in the commands docummentation, nor here:

One small note: It would be great to see this as a new feature in the WinSCP GUI environment (where you can put the list of files which would then go to the editor - either external or internal one).

Re: Open/copy/edit multiple files by script or in GUI

You can write a script or batch file to generate appropriate WinSCP script file to get all the files.

Open/copy/edit multiple files by script or in GUI

I would like to see a feature, where WinSCP would be able to copy or open (edit) multiple files from a list. If I have a list of about 25 files with various path on remote side, it's very hard to get to each one of them and open them separately. It would be better if WinSCP offered a window, where you can type (paste) the path to the files on remote side which would be opened/copied to local "at once".

Thank you for taking this request into consideration.