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I have this issue as well with folders with lots of files and or subdirectories. I'm not sure where a long time ends and a hang begins, but I just went and made a cup of coffee and the window which contains WinSCP is still just a blank white pane. I'm using version 4.04. It's faster to kill winSCP and login again than finish the coffee and get another cup while waiting for a refresh to finish. In fact on the directory I'm thinking of, I'm not sure if I've ever managed to wait it out to be honest.

Re: Large folders Bug

It probably does not hang, it just takes a long time to load the folder. Especially if there is a large number of symlinks. You may try to disable symlink resolution then.

Large folders Bug

We have a folder with several thousand files in it.
If you browse to this folder with WinScp it hangs. Vry annoying