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Re: Command Line Problems

What are you doing after issuing exit command?

Command Line Problems

Well I have resorted to finding and killing all WinSCP processes when I exit my program. This does clean up the residual process(es) but is a bit of a kludge.


Command Line Problems

Does anybody know how to ensure that WinScp.exe shuts down automatically when closing Note that I am referring to the case where WinScp.exe is started by invoking


Command Line Problems

I am using the command line version (i.e., from a Windows GUI that I made using C#. I noticed that when my program invokes it also starts WinScp.exe in the background. The problem is that when I want to cancel an operation from my GUI I issue:


commands and it does not always shutdown the extra copy of WinScp.exe that it started in the background. When this happens an error message usually comes up after a few minutes saying:

"Timeout waiting for external console to complete the command"

Is there a way around this?

Thanks .. John