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PS: After reading the Documentation, it sounds like the internal editor automatically uploads in 'Text' mode - so I don't have to worry about accidentally uploading weird characters.

And... what's nice about WinSCP is i can even force my External Editor to upload in 'Text' mode.

Thanks for such a great product!

Thank you SO much for such a quick response.

1) In 'Preferences', do I need to change the default 'Transfer Mode' to 'Text' before choosing to 'Edit' any remote file that is not included in the 'Transfer following files in text mode' list (before i close/save the file in the editor)?
-- eg: i'm right-clicking on 'whitelist_senders' and choosing 'Edit'.

2) If so, I did not do this the first time. Can i fix this by choosing to 'Edit' 'whitelist_senders' remote file again, and then closing/saving it again - this time with 'Text' as default 'Transfer Mode'?

Will that get rid of any weird characters the internal editor might have added when i saved the file in Automatic Transfer Mode the first time?

Thanks! Jim

Re: Using the internal editor ok on unix servers?

Any editor should work. Make sure you turn on text mode transfers.

Using the internal editor ok on unix servers?

Will the internal editor that pops up when i right-click on a remote file work well with our remote unix hosting server (with CentOS)?

I've tried editing with notepad, wordpad, word, etc from my WinXP PC and it always screws up the files on the hosting server.