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transfering over mapped drives

I have FreeFTPd sitting on a server (W2k3Er2). It has a mapped drive to another PC (XP) using the XP PC's admin creds. The clients use WinSCP to browse the FreeFTPd server via SFTP and have no issues when it comes to listing the dir's of the mapped drive, however when you try download a file from server to client, WinSCP returns the following error.

WinSCP error
Permission denied.
Error code: 3
Error message from server: Permission denied
Request code: 3

Any ideas? For the meantime I've setup FreeFTPd on the XP PC, but that gives me a dilemma in regards to the user accounts. If I have pointed the domain option in the user's properties to the machine name of the W2k3Er2 (non-domain), the password never works.

This is starting to seem to me like a feature request being something like FreeFTPd to FreeFTPd including the ability to specify which side holds the user objects. One of the great features of FreeFTPd is the ability to easily specify shares, it seems to be able to browse mapped drives but am I pushing it's limits?