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Re: Synchronize Timestamps does not do subdirectories, 4.0.5

For me it works. I have only noticed that directory cache gets not reset after updating the timestamps. Hence when I enter the directory with files that should be updated, I needed to refresh the contents to see the changes. Can it be the case?

Synchronize Timestamps does not do subdirectories, 4.0.5


I have a local directory (WinXP German, FAT filesystem inside a TrueCrypt volume) and a remote directory (ReiserFS, Ubuntu 7.10 Linux).

I would like to sync timestamps from the Linux side to the Windows side. So I press Ctrl+S and say

direction: local
mode: sync timestamps
settings: preview, only selected files
comparison criteria: same size

press OK. WinSCP reads in all files and gives me a (huge) list of files - all correct. The files to get their timestamps updated are selected (tick mark). I press OK -> WinSCPshows a progress windows for a split-second and then finishes.

Result: only the files that are visible in the winscp panels are updated. No directories and no files in these directories are changed.

How do I sync timestamps across a whole directory tree?
I realize that this might not work for directory timestamps (unless they are updated last), but it *should* work at least for all files within a tree.