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I'd like to know if the last suggestion has been implemented?

Or is it a way to disable that feature ? is there any option to keep all the folders closed at start-up ?

Thanks in advance

Windows has always been very weak in the area of desktop organization memory. God forbid your icon layout should get messed up. :!:

Re: Remember if stored-session folder is open / closed

Ok, thanks for your suggestion.

Re: Remember if stored-session folder is open / closed

I came here to request this too. However, I searched & found it's already requested & tracked, since 2008.

I don't know if it helps, but I'd like to add a "me too" vote. I've asked before, but do you need help with coding? Ever thought of putting WinSCP on Bitbucket?...or any other source code site.

I had never tried using session folder's, but now that I have, I notice it is annoying to re-open them each time.

Most people's suggestion is to simply "remember" the last-used open/closed-ness of the tree...& while that is fine, I'd like to add one more suggestion: let us get the tree like we want it, then be able to save it...but not re-remember each time we temporarily open/close/change something.

Re: Remember if stored-session folder is open / closed

Thanks for your post. This issue has been added to tracker.

Remember if stored-session folder is open / closed

The stored-sessions folders are a wonderful new feature. <invalid hyperlink removed by admin>

Only thing that bugs me is that the folders don't remember their state (open/closed), with each WinSCP-start they're closed.
So it would be a nice addition if each folder displays the way it was when WinSCP was closed before.