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Re: upload backupfiles (generated by external editor)

I've never thought that anyone would want to do that :-)

This issue has been added to tracker nevertheless. So maybe if more people ask for it...

upload backupfiles (generated by external editor)

Hello together,

first: winscp makes a lot of things a lot easier - thanx for that!! :-)

As I didn't find any posts regarding my "problem", I'd like to bring up the question myself:

I use notepad++ as the external editor, which supports a feature to automatically save backups
of the edited file.

For example:
The remote file "" was locally edited, the original would be saved by notepad++ as "".
Winscp will upload changed file "" to the remote host, but not "".

Now, how can I make winscp upload these backup files (automatically) as well as the edited file?

Thanks a lot in advance!