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For this, you may use PSCP (or another command line SCP/SFTP client), together with Windows scheduler capability. Why to implement something that is already available?

yes this would be great, i have a host that also uses shh and i need to backup my database everyday too. If this could support putting local time into the filename that would rule even more (local time being the pc im runing winscp off of, not the server)

i currently do this manually, and lets just say i dont remember things very well ;)

Scheduler for WinSCP

Maybe have a scheduler built in so people can schedule a certain file to be uploaded to a certain place everyday at a certain time. This would be great for backups cause right now i have a SQL DB file i need scp'ed over to my linux backup server and the only way to do it thru scp is manually. A Auto Scheduler would be very nice..

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