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easier answer

To the developers: could be present a button that shows the state of every open directory? Cashed or fresh. Or when it was last time cached.

To improve the answer (that requires to follow 3 or 4 links to get the following):
1. If you don't have saved sessions, the login page will appear opening WinSCP, else click on "new session" on the session panel; the "login" window will be open.
2. Then select one of your servers and click on "edit". Finally you are in the Advanced Site Settings.
3. click on "Directories"; On the bottom there are few options, the one you want is: "Cache visited remote directories" AND/OR "Cache directory changes".

Of course this is for one server, you have to redo for others

Re: Refresh directory listing on browse

Just turn off directory cache.

Yes, I know that I can manually refresh to work around this.

But I think it would be better if there were an option to have WinSCP automatically ensure that it displays a current directory listing whenever I open a directory. I understand that it might not be a desirable default because it would slow down opening directories containing many files.

Re: Refresh directory listing on browse

I've noticed the same behavior. Try moving up one level, or more, and then refresh.

Refresh directory listing on browse

Is there some setting that makes winscp refresh the listing on browsing? Here's the scenario:

In winscp, I browse to some directory, say /usr/bin, do whatever, and then browse back to /usr

Then, through another program (e.g. shell session) I create a file or directory in /usr/bin, or alternatively some process does the same.

Then in winscp, if I browse back to /usr/bin, I get the *old* listing -- until I manually hit refresh.

Any suggestions? Or should this be a feature request? If this doesn't exist, it could reasonably be lumped into the "automatically refresh directory after operation" setting (that is, browsing to a new directory could count as an operation)