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Re: Ability to skip files during synchronization

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Ability to skip files during synchronization


Thanks for all the work you do on this very useful program. Since I most often use it to synchronize files between my home computer and my NAS drive at work, it would be great to have a "skip file" button available during synchronization. Despite the option to preview the files to be synchronized beforehand, it happens sometimes that I forget to uncheck one of the large WAV or WMV files that will then make what I meant to be a quick synchronization of other files take much longer. I know there are ways to prevent this from happening in the first place by configuring file type exclusions, etc. However, at the moment, my only option for the case I described would be to stop synchronization and start over again (only to make sure to uncheck the large file in question this time). It would be great if instead there were a "Skip current file" button I could just click while WinSCP is syncing a file I meant to exclude and the program would just skip that file and get started on the next one.

In any case, thanks again for sharing this program with us.