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Re: Damaged files

I'm almost sure that you have turned on "Text" mode transfers. Use Copy confirmation dialog or Transfer tab of Preferences dialog to switch back to binary or automatic mode.

Damaged files

Shortly after downloading the application for version 3.3 (on Windows XP), WinSCP started damaging files. This happens with many different extensions -- .pdf and .jpg files become unreadable, and .zip files can no longer be decompressed. This seems to affect transfers in both directions.

For example, upon passing a sample .pdf file through WinSCP, Acrobat Reader gave the following two errors when trying to open it:
1. "There was an error processing a page. Too few operands."
2. "An unrecognized token 'GC' was found." (where the "C" has two hash marks on its left side...afraid I don't know how to enter it."
Also, the original file was 7.94k, while after transfer it was 8.13k.

And once this started happening, version 2 (application) started doing it, too. So it's possible it's not an issue with the upgrade... Any thoughts?