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Re: WinSCP shows the wrong folder name for a linked folder

Make sure you clear cache. Or disable caching altogether.

WinSCP shows the wrong folder name for a linked folder

I have a folder apache_2.2.13 with a symbolic link of apache. There is also several other apache folders, like apache_2.2.8 and apache_2.2.11. When I select the apache folder, and right click on the properties, I see "Linked to apache_2.2.13", but, if I double-click on the apache folder, WinSCP seems to be browsing the folder apache_2.2.8.

To me this is a bug.

WinSCP version is 4.1.9 (Build 416), I accessing a Red Hat Enterprise 4.2 32 bit. Using it in Norton Commander type interface. Running on Windows XP SP3.