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Re: Activex component for Winscp

No. But you can use scripting.

Activex component for Winscp

Dear Sir,

Due you have activex component for WinScp so that it can be used for visual Baic 6.0.


Re: COM or ActiveX component

I was already thinking about this. I'll think more :-)

COM or ActiveX component

wrap up the basic functions in a COM component so they can used from other apps.
Benifits to you:
- would allow someone that knows how to integrate into explore or map a drive make an app to do it without having to first decipher winSCP
- would allow reuse in automated applications, like a offline sync, so it's done without user interaction on a schedual
- would satisfy all these poeple wanting a different interface by allowing them to make one in VB or Delphi.
- would get you tons of chicks cause reuable components are cool!