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Re: Assert Failed UnixDirView.cpp, line 730 (V2.3.0 build 146)

Unless you encounter same problem with latest release, it is not interesting for me. I'm not going to fix version 7 months old. I hope you can understand this.
Ed Randall

Assert Failed UnixDirView.cpp, line 730 (V2.3.0 build 146)


Using WinSCP2 version 2.3.0 build 146

I just got an assert failure in WinSCP2 when I tried
to copy a couple of files from a unix system back to
my windows box; I'm pretty sure that it is because
the Unix filenames have a ":" in them.
Here is exactly what I did:

Connect to the remote unix system;
Navigate up to /tmp
hold down "CTRL" and select 2 files, drag them across to the Windows pane.
The filenames are:

On releasing the mouse button immediately up pops
the assert dialog box.
Assertion failed: File, file C:\Martin\Projekty\WinSCP2\components\UnixDirView.cpp, line 730

Renaming the files to not have the : in the names has
eliminated the problem.

Hope this is of some help, regards