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Re: Update-Notice in Taskbar should include program-name

The balloon notifications pop up from WinSCP icon. I've hoped it is enough.

Anyway, this issue has been added to tracker.

Update-Notice in Taskbar should include program-name


My computer just told me in a popup on the lower right corner of the screen that "version 4.25 is available". It didn't tell me if it's version 4.25 of my antivirus, or 4.25 of my browser, or 4.25 of any of the other programs that are always shown in that corner.

When I finally came to the (german) web start page of winscp, that didn't tell me which version number is the current one.
So you make it quite a bit difficult to find out which software you mean with that message.

You should either display the message inside the program window, or the message should tell which software it is talking about.