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Good idea!

+1 for this feature!

Can you access it now? If not, I can post it elsewhere, but I really didn't think you needed a screencast to know what the issue is that I was talking about.


Re: Vertical Layout of Extra Toolbar Buttons (Not of Horizontal)

Sorry, I cannot get to the screenshot. It just does not load. Can you upload it elsewhere? Or email it to me?

You will find my address (if you log in) in my forum profile.

Vertical Layout of Extra Toolbar Buttons (Not of Horizontal)

I'd like you to change the layout of the dropdown menu for extra toolbar buttons that have to be accessed via said menu (because they go off the edge of the toolbar region to which they are assigned).

These buttons should be vertical, instead of horizontal, because it's too difficult to move the mouse within the tiny space given (from top to bottom of the horizontal dropdown menu's region) when they are aligned horizontally. Also, it's more common and usable for items to be displayed vertically... you rarely see menus laid out horizontally like this.

The biggest culprit is Custom Command Buttons, of which I have many custom commands. The odd reordering of the custom commands are tedious enough (they should ideally be listed in order specified in the preferences, but that's perhaps for a different post).

Anyway, I've made a little demo video to show you what I mean:
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