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Re: append all option

I'll consider that. Will see if more people ask for that.

append all option


I`m doing lots of simulations on different PC`s for my job. If I want to see the temporary output of a simulation I have to transfer the outputfiles to a PC that can convert the data to something usefull (that`s the idea atleast :P ). If I want to have a look again a few days later at the new lines that are added in each simulation file. I have to transfer the files again. At this point it would be good to have an 'append all' option. The only option I have right now is overwrite all. Since these simulations takes a few weeks and for ~4000 big files (couple Mb each). It takes alot more time then needed (and I generate useless overhead to our network).

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PS: Thumbs up for making winscp!