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Yesss!!! That's the trick. Now it works.

Thank you!

Run: nbbackup /command "synchronize remote d:\nbbackup /nbbackup -delete -mirror"
(note the .com extension)

There is no output to the screen when I enter command B, it just gives back a prompt.

Actually this is the same behaviour as when I enter command A, which also only gives back a promt. But then it does sync the two directories. Problem is that i need it to delete the removed files.

Re: synchronize command doesn't with -delete option

So what does it do? What's the output on the console?

synchronize command doesn't with -delete option

I would like to backup a directory to a server via the commandline. I got it working, but for some reason only without the delete option, which I really need.

What works is:
A: winscp.exe nbbackup /command "synchronize remote d:\nbbackup /nbbackup"

What does not work is:
B: winscp.exe nbbackup /command "synchronize remote d:\nbbackup /nbbackup -delete -mirror"

The second command doesn't work at all. It not only doesn't delete, but it also doesn't copy any files anymore.
What am I doeing wrong?