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It's packed with UPX
Jan Kunderr

WinSCP 4.25 -- 1.6MB vs. 6.3MB

First I wanna ty very much for such great tool.
I am not very much using of Windows, but when it comes to play I cant live without putty, winscp and some other handy tools.

I found file named winscp425.exe
I am using it for few weeks, didn't find any bugs or problems (not mentioned ones already fixed in 4.27).
Now I found that the file has only 1.638.912 bytes.
Its exactly same as <invalid hyperlink removed by admin>

Comparing it to WinSCP.exe (from which is 6.361.088 bytes) is unbelievable small.
Is is some portable version?
Is "small" version of 4.27 available to download somewhere?
How (any tool/compilation mode?) did you make 4.25 form 6.3MB to 1.6MB?
Thank you for your answer and advice.

I can send you MD5/SHA1 on your demand, Martin.