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Re: Option to allocate TTY

TTY is intended only for human interactive sessions (regular terminal), which is not case of WinSCP. It cannot work with TTY. For example TTY would not allow binary transfers, because several ASCII characters have special meaning in TTY, so thay cannot be contained in file.

Option to allocate TTY


would it be possible to have an option to get WinSCP
to allocate a TTY for the purposes of SCP connections?

The reason I'd like this is so that SCP works when connecting to Solaris machines running OpenSSH and using the "UseLogin yes" option.

When no tty is allocated, /bin/login fails since it has no tty and this causes scp to fail.

If I manually specify the /bin/bash (or /bin/sh) shell
in the Environment/SCP/Shell option I can scp (since OpenSSH doesnt use /bin/login when commands are specified). However, by using this the login scripts and wtmp accounting are bypassed.

Please let me know if it would be possible to get TTYs allocated.