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Re: Windows SSH Server

I was having the same issue, changing from SCP to SFTP worked for me, thanks!

Re: Windows SSH Server

WinSCP requires for SCP protocol unix-like shell. Some Windows servers provide unix-shell emulation (such as OpenSSH for Windows). If your server does not, try SFTP instead.

Windows SSH Server

I am trying to use winscp 3.4.2 to connect from a Win 2000 machine to a Win 2000 ssh server (running the commercial SSH Secure Secure for Windows from SSH.COM)

I get the following error.
Host has not answered for 15 seconds
Abort or Retry.

If I choose Abort, I get this message:
"Error Skipping Startup message. Your shell is probably incompatible with the application (BASH is recommended)

I know ssh server is running on the remote Win 2000 Server.

So, what gives? Is it the "shell" which I specified to be default?