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promiň, a to jsem předtm strvil asi 10 minut hledn, jsem slep, dky

Re: Use WinSCP for remote FTP to FTP SSH transfer?

Please read FAQ. If that does not help, come back.

Use WinSCP for remote FTP to FTP SSH transfer?

I will try to describe what i need, I'm not sure if it would be possible with WinSCP.
Today I'm using putty
1. login using SSH to my server
2. then start MC commander
3. open one remote FTP on one panel
4. open second remote FTP on second panel
5. and copy between them

I tried to instal winscp but i can't find a function to open FTP on any of the panels, it seems it supports only local<->sftp file operations. Am i blind or it is a missing feature? Thx