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Invalid Access to memory on Rename+Update

Hello guys,

I have an "Invalid Access to memory" error in version 4.3beta (had it also in 4.2.7). I'm running on Win7, 64 bit.

The problem occurs in a combination of rename+update. With WinSCP, I connect to my university via an ssh tunnel. Now I go to a directory with very many files and folders, at best there are more files in the directory than visible in the WinSCP window. I click on a file or a folder and hit the "F2" button to rename the file. WinSCP shows up an editing cursor. Now, I press F5 to update the directory while the editing cursor is still active. That's 'roughly' the point when the error occurs: Sometimes it occurs during the update, sometimes afterwards if I try to click on another file in the list. Sometimes, the error occurs at first after doing this procedure 2-3 times, but this seems to depend on the number of files in the list (or the speed, the list is updated via the internet connection?). Sometimes, the error occurs while the update is in process -- then the directory list is broken afterwards (happens easily if there are many files in a directory).

Best regards,