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Re: Cancel when editing stored sessions

Thanks for your hints. The "Edit" button was called "Load" previously, which is IMHO more appropriate. But too many people were looking for "Edit", so I had to rename it. I believe it might help if name of currently edited session is shown in title of the Login dialog, what do you think?

Cancel when editing stored sessions

UI Issue/Suggestion
When clicking edit on a stored session there is no cancel button, just save or close the application. I later realised it has jumped to another section on the left menu however this is certainly not obvious when you've entered an edit mode. It might be more useful for the close button to become a cancel button in some circumstances and limit close to the default view - closing the application isnt the most useful action from every screen.

Support page links
On the support page there are 3 links at the top that are pointless. The page is short so it doesnt hot link there and the first thought is that's a link to the support forum.