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Re: Treat the Find dialog like a regular panel

Thanks for your post. This request has been added to tracker.

Treat the Find dialog like a regular panel

This is the first time I've used remote Find Files in WinSCP and I was frustrated that I couldn't do anything with the files that were found. I've been working with Midnight Commander and similar file managers for 15 years and to see a find panel where you can only focus on one file, was a maor disappointment.

Here's my use case:

I search for a file pattern on the remote server. WinSCP finds a few hundreds of small files. I want to transfer them all in one local directory. The only way to do that right now with WinSCP is extremely cumbersome: I have to focus on one file, copy it locally, re-do the search, and repeat.

It would be great if Find results were a regular panel, with multi-selection, sortable columns etc. so I could copy all those files locally at once.

I'd be very willing to pay for this feature to get implemented, for example via BidForFix (<invalid hyperlink removed by admin>).