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Ok, newbie mistake....even though I applied the port forwarding on the router and it loaded ok I guess I needed to force a reboot...OMG!! Ok, so after the reboot all is well. Thanks everyone.

Can you post a log file?

Also have you tried any other FTP client?

Sorry, forgot to mention this is using 4.2.9 for WINSCP. I am connecting from a windows 7 machine to another windows 7 machine.

Another command is currently pending, please try again later

Hi There! I am trying to setup my computer at home as a FTP server for me to be able to access away from home. Currently I have all firewalls turned off for testing purposes and have configured my ports in the router (21, 990, etc.). I am using Serv-U for my server software on the home computer. Whenever I try to FTP in using WINSCP, I login fine, but can never access my data. I keep receiving an error that states, "Another command is currently pending, please try again later." whenever I click on a folder. When I first log in I get this full message, "Could not retrieve directory listing. Another command is currently pending, please try again later." It will then show all my folders, but like I said it gives me the above error. I have tried changing my setting to passive as well as most of the solution I have come across. I have searched the internet for a couple hours without success. I am hoping some can help.