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For list of reasons WinSCP cannot parse directory listing and possible resolutions, see documentation.

Re: Can't display contents of OS X Panther folders

Thay have reverted order of month and day in directory listing to non-standard one. You'll find more details if you search this forum. I suggest you to try SFTP protocol instead of SCP.

Can't display contents of OS X Panther folders

I've used WinSCP to connect to Mac OS X systems before- specifically Jaguar boxes. I've since upgraded to Panther and now find that I can no longer connect. I get this error:

Unexpected directory listing line 'drwxr-xr-x 20 aradorn aradorn 680 22 Jan 15:23 .'.
Operation aborted

I have had problems with nfs locking in Panther- could this be part of the problem?