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Thanks for your investigation.
This issue has been added to tracker.

It seems to be that FAR counts sizes of directories together with files. :) Selecting a directories show sizes 512, 1024, etc. It's different from normal FAR panel operations, where selecting directory displays zero size and only count it as a file.

However, total size displays wrong even no directories exist in panel.

Re: Problem with filesizes in directory listing

Thanks for your post. I'll check it.

Problem with filesizes in directory listing


I use FAR 1.70b2087 and WinSCP plugin 1.6.2. It reports wrong total filesize in directory. Size may be tens Kb larger than the real size. When I select all the files by Insert btn (or, * keypad), it shows correct size. I.e., panel indicates different sizes for same files:

1,343,463 bytes in 261 files (for selection)
1,371,111 bytes in 261 files

This isn't a big problem, but it may be annoying and unexpecting for some cases.