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regarding check for existance and downloading all the files

I have a situation like
I need to write a bat file where it shld check for particular file(myfile.txt) exists or not. In the winscp server at that location i am having 13 files in particular folder, every day new files will be kept at 2.30 pm frst 12 files will be kept and final the last file myfile.txt will be kept at that location.I am using ssis package to run the batch file using execute process task ,
so in the batch file i need to write like this if the file(myfile.txt) doesnt exists it should go to sleep for 5 mins and again it should check the file exists or not and it should be in infinite loop until file exists and if the file is found then it shld download all the files from that folder of that server to my location.
i have found this link
but shld modify and run .......can anybody help to write the batch file.