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How to set session defaults, like Compression, in winscp.ini

Hi all,
I needed to set compression on for all sessions. Here's how I did it. You can probably use this all other session-specific items too.

– Set the Configuration Storage to winscp.ini and open it (located in the same folder as winscp.exe and
– Search for [Sessions\Default%20Settings]-section in winscp.ini. If you don't find it, create it.
– Add Compression=1 -line to [Sessions\Default%20Settings]-section.
– Save and close winscp.ini.

I've tested this with these scenarios:
– Protocol: SFTP, Server-side has compression off (Compression no in sshd_config). No effect, i.e. no compression.
– Protocol: SFTP, Server-side has compression on (Compression yes in sshd_config). Desired effect, i.e. file is compressed during transfer. Works both with session URL and stored sessions.
– Protocol: FTPS. No effect.
– Protocol: FTP. No effect.

I digged this info from these articles: