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Hi, my first post here so please be gentle.

I have been using command line instance of WINSCP for approx 12mths now to download from the Paypal SFTP site, then I use SSIS to process the files and move them into an Archive sub folder.

My question is can I set the synchronise to check for the existence of the file in the Archive folder and if its not matched then download to the Parent folder for processing by SSIS?

Im currently using a simple get without using filemask at all and would rather using an intelligent sync if thats possible. We are reprocessing every file available every night that is available on the SFTP site and then removing data that isnt required as part of the ETL which I dont feel is the right way to do it.

I have looked through the documentation and have seen a number of posts suggesting its feasible just not how to actually do it.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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No you cannot do this.

But you can synchronize remote folder against archive folder and select the new files for processing (like moving them away to "to be processed" folder).

Somewhat similar task is described here:

Alternatively, you can use file mask with time constraint, e.g. to select only files created in the last 24 hours (or since the last sync).

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