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Issue 2010 – Illegitimate WinSCP in Microsoft Store

: Store
: Unspecified
: Bug
: Medium
: 0
There's illegitimate WinSCP by Watch App in Microsoft Store.
Please do not download it and report it to Microsoft (there's "Report this product" link in the store page).
We did already while ago, but so far Microsoft did not take any action.
Always use the official WinSCP only!
Emails with Matthew Verive
Emails with Jan-Peter Stein.
Emails with Jörg Asmussen
There is also illegitimate copy of WinSCP named WinFTP Pro by NewEdge Software‬.
Emails with Miša Brežanac.
Emails with Antony Ranger.
Emails with C. Anhuth
Another is also WinSCP - SFTP and FTP Client by Hanni studio.
Emails with Ewout Stortenbeker.
WinSCP by Watch App and WinFTP Pro by NewEdge Software‬ seem to have been removed.
Thanks to all our users who reported those apps!
Only WinSCP - SFTP and FTP Client by Hanni studio is still there. Please report it too.
Emails with David Oliván
Emails with Turritopsis Dohrnii Teo En Ming.
There's new copy by Shek Lab. Please report it.
New illegitimate copy: WinSCPP by Quiet Studio
New illegitimate copy: WinSCP - SFTP and FTP Client for Windows by AsiaticSolutions
At this moment, it seems that no WinSCP copy is present in the Store anymore.
Thanks for everyone who has reported the illegitimate copies!