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WinSCP from Microsoft Store

WinSCP is available for installation from Microsoft Store for $9.99.

Benefits of installing WinSCP from Microsoft Store

When you install WinSCP from Microsoft Store, the store makes sure that you always have the latest version of WinSCP installed, without any intervention.

Also, when you have your applications installed from Microsoft Store, it makes it very easy to restore them, when you get a new machine or when you are reinstalling your current one.

Is WinSCP from Microsoft Store the same?

WinSCP binaries in Microsoft Store are identical to those in a classic installer.

Transitioning from Classic Installation

If you already have a classic installation of WinSCP, installing WinSCP from Microsoft Store keeps your previous installation intact. WinSCP installed from Microsoft Store will inherit the configuration of the classic installation. Also in case you later add a new stored site in the classic installation, it will make it to the Microsoft Store installation too. But not the other way around.

If you ever decide to move back to the classic installation and you want to preserve your settings from Microsoft Store installation, you can just transfer the configuration, as if you were moving it to another machine.

In the Windows Start menu, you can distinguish the two installations by commands available in their icon context menus. Besides common commands, the Store installation has commands like App settings, Rate and review and Share, while the classic installation has Open file location command.

If you want to use the Microsoft Store installation only, you can uninstall the classic installation. We recommend that you uninstall it without removing its configuration.

Why isn’t it free?

When you use a classic installer of free WinSCP, you first need to visit this web site, where you see ads (and maybe they offer something you like and you follow them). You also see our pledge for a donation, both on the web site and later in the installer. All these add up and allow us to fund the development and distribution of free WinSCP.


When you use Microsoft Store, you bypass all of the above. So please consider buying WinSCP from Microsoft Store as a form of a donation. You may even prefer this way of donating, in case you do not want to sign up for PayPal. And with Microsoft Store, you get even more seamless updates, than automatic upgrades that WinSCP donors have.

If you do not want to contribute to WinSCP development (yet), feel free to download free classic installer.

No Return, No Refund Policy

Unfortunately, WinSCP purchases from Microsoft Store are not returnable as Microsoft does not allow refunding of app purchases from Microsoft Store.

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