Issue activity log

2020-04-27 10:18 Created Failure when starting fresh installation on high DPI displays
Component GUI
Severity Bug
Priority High
2020-04-27 10:19 Version 5.17.4
Comment Caused indirectly by Issue 1852.
2020-04-27 10:20 Comment Emails with Darren Joyner.
2020-04-27 10:27 Status RESOLVED
Fixed in 5.17.5
Resolution FIXED
Comment Fixed.
2020-04-27 11:15 Comment Emails with Rafał Smolec, Mailingbin and Bart Kestelyn.
2020-04-27 12:00 Comment Commit 66264d80
2020-04-27 12:09 Comment Emails with Oskar, Pascal Gadient and Colin Beadle.
2020-04-27 12:41 Comment Emails with firswaycomputers and Zoltán Gubacsi.
2020-04-27 13:41 Comment Emails with Brian Moriarty.
2020-04-27 14:46 Comment Emails with Steve and Mario Cerciello.
2020-04-27 17:21 Comment Emails with Scott Shapiro, Kevin Gallo and Hariyanto Darmawan.
2020-04-28 07:44 Comment Emails with dchester, Andy Egelhof, Akhil Puvvada, trading, Josh Carlson, Carsten Lange, Ed, Steve Lee, Mattia Landoni, David Arduini, Kara Stanicic, Sam Spicer, 王君岩 and Jo Hocher.
2020-04-29 08:48 Comment And others...