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2021-08-24 16:39 Created TLS session resumption is not working for subsequent FTP transfers with TLS 1.3 when the server requires reuse of the session of the previous transfer
Component Core
Severity Bug
Comment Related to Issue 1831.
2021-08-24 16:46 Comment Not the same issue, but the server exhibits the same problem:
Fixed in 5.19.3
Resolution FIXED
Comment Fixed.
2021-08-25 07:54 Comment Commit 8719ab1b
2021-09-02 09:31 Comment
2021-09-02 13:17 Comment
2021-10-01 13:03 Comment Related to Issue 2030.
2023-08-06 11:09 Comment Obsolete. The new ticket is issued on the control connects after the PASV command. At least with FileZilla server 1.7.2. The obsolete code was removed by Issue 2210.