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2008-01-07 16:51 Created Option to follow or not follow symbolic links
Component Core
Severity Enhancement
Comment Currently symlinks to files are followed, while symlinks to directories are ignored.

This also applies to calculation of directory sizes.

With synchronization the option should also determine, whether the file should be considered for synchronization.

With Bug #7 the option may also apply to upload on shortcuts.
2011-01-21 08:20 Comment Also for searching files.
2011-04-15 08:53 Comment
2016-03-01 22:59 Comment
2016-03-11 08:34 Status RESOLVED
Implemented in 5.8.2
Resolution FIXED
Comment Implemented (for directories)
2016-03-16 12:06 Comment Documented:
2018-02-16 11:44 Comment Commits:
Commit 99498ac3
2023-02-13 10:59 Comment See Bug 2165.