WinSCP 5.11 - What's New?

A lot of things! WinSCP 5.11 is a major application update focused on improving user experience!

New features and enhancements, many of them inspired by WinSCP community, include:

  • Improving performance of large queued batch transfers by using multiple connections even for single transfer
  • Support for multiple monitors with different DPI/resolutions
  • Support for Microsoft OneDrive, you can now connect securely to Microsoft OneDrive using WebDAV with Microsoft Passport authentication
  • Better support for sharing WinSCP configuration between computers using cloud, you can now configure path to the INI file
  • Numerous improvements to custom commands/extensions and .NET assembly
  • TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.2l
  • XML parser upgraded to Expat 2.2.3
  • SSH core and private key tools (PuTTYgen and Pageant) upgraded to PuTTY 0.70
  • Including all translations in installation (at least 30% translated), but automatically using only those that are complete (at least 80% translated)

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Thank you!

As usual, you can obtain WinSCP 5.11 from the official WinSCP download page.

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